Hometop is the first brand of the SHENZHEN LUCKYSTAR ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD, which was Established in 1998,and specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds of household appliance. With continually innovation of the product,positively extension to the new field, fashion lead to the modern life,Luckystar wins great reputation,and out stands from its competitors.After more than 10 years development,the Luckystar has been a modern company with strong design ability,well controlled production process,excellent marking strategy,perfect service,and is offering high quality customized service and life to its customers. 

The Luckystar is the Innovators of garment steamer,who owns one of the top10 global brands Hometop,and the authorized certification. Its products are popular in the oversea market,and certificated by the Europe,America, Middle East,such as the TUV,CE,CB,ETL,GS etc. 

     CQC certification on August 15,2003
     EU ROSH certification in 2007
    ISO9001-2000 international certification in2008

Shenzhen development of small and medium-sized enterprises promotion association governing units in 2009.

The enterprise innovation new record in guangdong province, so as the first domestic counterparts in 2010.



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